Capturine© Horse-Bio-Cleaning

Horse-Bio-Cleaning is developed by us for a healthy and unpleasant odour-free environment for horses and ponies.

Distinctive features: Horse-Bio-Cleaning contains micro organisms that are selected to turn urine into nitrogen, carbonic acid and water. This prevents harmful substances like ammonia from developing and keeps your stable healthy and fresh. The not insignificant additional benefit is that there will be a substantial decrease of flies in your stable.

Horse-Bio-Cleaning is 100% biological and therefore harmless for humans, animals and the environment.

Charachteristics: Horse-Bio-Cleaning is a product based on micro organisms that are specially selected to turn urine into nitrogen, carbonic acid and water. The micro organisms in Horse-Bio-Clean are present in spore form. To activate the micro organisms, Horse-Bio-Clean has to be diluted with water and get in contact with nutrients (urine and feces).

Dilution: The standard dilution is 1:10

Usage: For the best results we advise the use of a pressured siphon. Attention: the higher the pressure, the better the atomization. The pressured siphon may not contain any chemical residue from previous use! Spray the walls and the floor of the stable box once. Then put a layer of bedding in and spray it. After that put the rest of the bedding on top. Spray soiled spots daily after cleaning out manure and put new bedding on top. If you are using a previously used stable box you can spray the walls and floor regularly to get rid of old odours.

Durability: When stored in a dark place at room temperature the concentrate will last for 2 years. The diluted product will last for 3 months, provided it is stored in a clean environment.

A summary of the benefits of Horse-Bio-Cleaning:
-          Breaks down urine and prevents the forming of ammonia
-          Decreases the chance of respiratory, muscle and hoof problems
-          Quick and easy to use
-          Decrease of flies
-          Less use of bedding (cost efficient)
-          100% natural

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