Capturine® Horse-Natural-Grooming

Pets-Natural-Grooming is a unique and complete series of coat nurturing products on a natural basis for your Horse. By adding natural commodities, vitamins an proteins we confirm we only want to offer natural products that guarantee effectiveness and safety, even when used frequently and no matter which type of coat. Whether it is long or short hair, thick or thin coat, we have the right products to meet with your demands.

The most important characteristics are:
-          Based on natural commodities with added proteins and vitamins
-          PH level is equal to the skin’s PH level
-          Non-abrasive to the natural sebum layer on the skin
-          No irritations
-          The shampoos are free of alkali
-          Improve the shine and natural resistance of the coat

Our shampoos are not concentrated, but you can still dilute them up to 4 times without losing any effectiveness. This makes our shampoos very economical. For best results lather for 3-5 minutes.