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Capturine®  Prof-Bio-Cleaning

Since the nineties we have been experienced with Capturine©  for fighting bad odours that exists on many different places, like public toilets, dog parks, fish markets etc. During the last couple of years we have invested a lot of time, money and energy in developing and optimizing these micro biological products, including a multipurpose detergent that cleans and gets rid of odours in an environmental friendly way: Capturine©  Proff-Bio-Cleaning. Our products are absolutely safe to use. With Capturine©  Proff-Bio-Cleaning we are able to clean and eliminate the source of odour.Because of our efforts the usage of microbiological products has gained tremendous (international) familiarity. We would like to bring our products to your attention too.

Capturine©  Proff-Bio-Cleaning is the base of all our microbiological detergents and odour eliminating products.

Capturine©  Proff-Bio-Cleaning cleans, eliminates odour and refreshes

Being confronted with bad odours on toilets is very annoying and will definitely affect the image of a company. The toilet should be the business card once again. Until now toilets were cleaned regularly with a traditional detergent, which generally only camouflaged\s the odour for a short period of time. This is only a temporarily solution and it is very straining on the environment. Eliminating odours with Capturine©  Proff-Bio-Cleaning (by treating the source of the odours) is done by micro organisms that break down the source of the odour. This is the substantial difference with traditional detergents. Capturine©  Proff-Bio-Cleaning is effective deep inside the seams where the source of the odour is located. It breaks down urine components completely which automatically eliminates the unpleasant odours.

We guarantee that by using our treatment method you will get excellent results and by applying our method you will spend less money than with traditional detergents.