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Capturine®  Prof-Bio-Cleaning


Capturine®  Prof-Odor-Free

The natural alternative for eliminating odours Capturine© Prof-Odor-Free is a mix of biological cultures, stabilizers and a natural, water-based perfume. Does not contain any essential oils and/or soap! 

Prof-Odor-Free is a multifunctional, biological product for use in waste or care industry and is safe and easy to use. A fast acting neutralizer to immediately eliminate odours by attacking and breaking down the source of the odours. Selected Class 1 bio cultures break down unpleasant smelling organic compounds.

Prof-Odor-Free acts against a range of sulfide and nitrogen compounds, normally associated with the smell of waste, that consist of amines, ammonia, mercaptanes and hydrogen sulfides.

The accelerated bio degradation of odorous organic compouts is sped up by the selected ingredients of Prof-Odor-Free. Therefore it is unique!

Prof-Odor-Free is one of the next generation products and possibly one of the bests of its kind on the market!

User manual: Dilute 1 part Prof-Odor-Free with 9 parts of water. For the best results keep free of chemicals and soaps.

Suitable for: Waste bins, domestic and industrial Dog parks Can be sprayed on bedding in animal enclosures

Durability: 2 years Scent: Sea-Breeze