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C5 Conditioner Lavender

Conditioner which gives your dog’s hair an high silky gloss. The essential oil of lavender gives a superb gloss without being greasy nor sticky. Lavender oil has a very relaxing and calming effect, therefore it is recommended for hasty and stressed animals. Also, lavender oil has a sebum-regulating effect on all skin types. Frequent use of Lavendula Conditioner prevents a greasy skin and flakes. Lavendula is suitable for all breeds, regardless of what colour or structure the coat is. It even prevents a yellow reflex on white breeds.
Active Ingredients:
Essential Lavender Oil, Silk Protein, Vitamin E
Ideal Coat Type: All type

Directions :
Dilute 1 part of conditioner with 4 parts water.
Apply after washing with a shampoo. Apply diluted conditioner. Lather well, then let it work for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


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C5 Conditioner Lavender

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