Welcome to the Capturine.eu website 

Capturine® is a registered trademark since 1999, therefore the name brand can only be used after written permission of Eco-Support B.V. 

Capturine® products are manufactured by Eco-Support B.V., a young and dynamic company which produces microbiotic producs than can be used for several purposes. 

Previously we only produced Capturine® products for the governmental and semi-governmental institutions, but now we also have a Capturine® series for the private marked, called Capturine®  Bio-Cleaning. 

Since 2010 we also have a new Capturine® product line for the private market, called Natural-Grooming. Natural-Grooming is 100% natural and used for grooming your pet’s coat.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and if you want to contact us, please use the ‘Contact’ button.

Capturine® ‘Let nature do the work’