Capturine® Pets-Bio-Cleaning

Pets-Bio-Cleaning  was developed by us for a healthy and unpleasant odour-free environment for people and animals. It is frequently used by people with all kinds of pets, as well as breeders, kennels, groomers and catteries.

Pets-Bio-Cleaning   ensures that, with frequent use, unpleasant odour with an organic source will be prevented

Pets-Bio-Cleaning   is different because of its unique effect and is harmless for people, animals and the environment

Pets-Bio-Cleaning - is 100% natural, the enzymes eliminate the source of unpleasant odours - contains micro organisms that are selected to turn urine into nitrogen, carbonic acid and water - contains essential oils that cause an immediate refreshment - contains a detergent that has a cleansing effect - is guaranteed to be harmless to people, animals and the environment! - can be used inside as well as outside on various locations, such as litter box, rodent enclosure, animal pen,   terrarium, bird cage, spray spots, bench, dog basket, cat basket, lawn, garden path, terrace, balcony, car   upholstery, carpets, tile   floor, vinyl floor, wooden floor… Everywhere in and around the house where unpleasant   organic odours need to be removed.

Manual: Pets-Bio-Cleaning  concentrate dilute with water until 10% (1:9) Clean out the enclosure and remove faeces Spray the enclosure

Shock treatment In case of already existing odours we recommend a shock treatment. During this treatment the sources of the unpleasant odour get sprayed several times so the water can soak in and the micro organisms get to the source of the unpleasant odour. This treatment is very dependable of the age of the problem and will have to be repeated several times

Benefits: The air contains no unpleasant odours and ammonia, with as an extra benefit a decreased chance of flies and other vermin. The presence of a small amount of detergent ensures a cleaning effect.

Notes: Never use in combination with detergents that contain bleach or other chemicals Store outside children’s reach Store frost-proof and never expose to sunlight

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PBC Concentraat 1 Ltr.

1 liter Pets-Bio-Cleaning concentraat.

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PBC Concentraat 5 Ltr.

5 liter Pets-Bio-Cleaning concentraat.

Sales price: 55,00 €
Sales price without tax: 45,45 €
Tax amount: 9,55 €
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PBC Concentraat 10 Ltr.

10 liter Pets-Bio-Cleaning concentraat.

Sales price: 105,00 €
Sales price without tax: 86,78 €
Tax amount: 18,22 €
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PBC Starterpakket

Bestaande uit 500 ml Pets-Bio-Cleaning concentraat, een 500 ...

Sales price: 15,50 €
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Tax amount: 2,69 €
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PBC Lege sprayfles

Lege sprayfles voor gebruiksklaar maken van ...

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